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V380 pro for pc Camera App is on of the best surveillance system app, If you decide to use your home-office or important installation surveillance system. Because, Download V380 Pro Camera App is a relatively cheap surveillance system for you. It does not require wire to use the surveillance system. If you are interested in using cheaper surveillance system then this article is for you. Today’s article is about How to Download V380 Pro Camera App for Windows & Mac PC.

What is V380 Pro

V380 pro for pc

The V380 Pro app was developed to handle V380 IP cameras. With this app you can manage V380 IP cameras without wires. You can set the camera anywhere to get a live view from your device. The app sends messages to your device for unusual things in important places. It also has some important features, we will mention them below.

Features of V380 Pro Windows

Remote Monitoring

Using this app you can monitor from any place anytime. And can easily do live view.

Device Sharing

You can watch videos together by sharing the device with other family members or friends.

Motion Detection Alarm

It supports motion detection. Detects an unusual event or object that gives you instant alarms. This ensures the safety of the specified place.

Customer Feedback

If you have any problems or suggestions about using the V380 Pro app, you can submit your feedback at https://www.wjx.top/jq/26405499.aspx.

Continuous Recording

The V380 Pro cameras support SD memory card up to 64GB. If you input a 64GB micro SD memory card, it records video for 25 to 30 days. If the memory card video is full, it deletes the old video and starts recording new video. But its video recording never stops.

Two Way Audio

It supports two way audio talk like other IP cameras. You can talk and listen to colleagues or family members through your home or office cameras. If you see something suspicious on an outdoor camera, you can use an indoor camera to alert people inside.

360 Degree Rotation

v380 Wi-Fi IP cameras You can do 360 Degree Robotic rotation. You can set up cameras anywhere and rotate using a PC or smartphone.

Low Price But Good Quality

V380 IP camera is cheaper than other IP cameras but enough to meet all your needs.

Basic Information of V380 Pro

  • App Price: Free
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and macOS
  • Category: Surveillance
  • Developer: macrovideo

How to Download V380 Pro Apk for PC (Windows)

There are some popular emulator. For example, Bluestacks, Nox App Player, MEmo Player, LD Player, etc. However, download APK file system is almost same. Follow steps below to download and use V380 Pro APK for windows PC.

  • Here I will show instructions using Bluestacks.
  • First download Bluestacks from their official site and then install.
  • Then download V380 Pro APK file from a trusted site.
  • Open the emulator. If required, enter your email ID and password.
Download Apk files on PC
  • Click on the Personalize menu.
Download Apk files on PC
  • Select “Install APK” option.
Download Apk files on PC
  • The download folder of your PC will open. Select the APK file.
  • Then click the Open button. It will take few seconds to install.
  • After finishing installation, an app icon will be created in pc screen and emulator screen.

How to Download V380 Pro for PC (Windows without Bluestacks or Directly)

  • Open windows browser.
  • Go V380’s official website.
  • Click “V380 Windows download” button and it starts download .exe file automatically.
  • Then, open .exe file and follow the instructions.
  • To create desktop icon, check the “Create a desktop shortcut” option.
  • Click “Next” button.
  • Then, click “Install button” to install this app.
  • Finally click “Finish” button.

How to Download V380 Pro for PC (macOS without Bluestacks or Directly)

Follow the “How to Download V380 Pro for PC (Windows without Bluestacks or Directly)” instructions.

How to Download V380 Pro for Android

V380 Pro
V380 Pro
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
  • Open play store.
  • Search for V380 Pro.
  • Select V380 Pro app.
  • Tap Install button.

How to Download V380 Pro for iOS

‎V380 Pro
‎V380 Pro
Developer: Wenhao Hu
Price: Gratis+
  • Open app store.
  • Search for V380 Pro.
  • Select V380 Pro app.
  • Tap Get button.

How to Use V380 Pro on Windows PC

How to add device

Add new device

  • Tap the “+” icon.
  • Turn on the power of the new camera you want to add.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi SSID & password to the camera. Make sure the phone and camera you are using are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Wait a bit for the connection.
  • The camera’s net indicator will make a sound before it ignites. Now your V360 camera is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Then, enter a camera name and password. Now your camera is online.

Add new device using QR code

  • Open the app and go to my option.
  • Select Add camera by QR code and enter your Wi-Fi SSID & password.
  • Tap Next. A QR code will be displayed.
  • Scan the QR Code.
  • Tap Heard.
  • Wait for Wi-Fi connection. When connected, the NET indicator light will on.
  • Enter the camera password and save the device.
  • Now your camera is online.

Add device manually

You can only manually add devices when your camera is already connected to WiFi and you know your device name and password. Usually after deleting the device, when you want to add it again, you will be able to add the device in this way.

How to delete device

There is a slight difference in the method of deleting devices in Android and iOS. Long press on the device you want to delete on Android. You will see a popup. Tap OK.
In the case of iOS, select the camera and slide to the left to delete.

Live view

Click Live View. You should never rotate the camera with your hand.
Using the app you rotate your camera and tap 1 button to set where you want to set. Then tap OK.


If you want to record camera video, you must plug in SD card. SD cards usually range from 8 GB to 32 GB. If your SD card is more than 32 GB then you need to convert the SD card to FAT32 format using your PC. If the SD card in the camera works properly, the record indicator will flick.

FAQs about V380 Pro

Why can’t my V380 camera connect to the network?

If your V380 camera is not connected to your network, check the Wi-Fi and Ethernet settings. If Wi-Fi and Ethernet do not connect properly, then there is a problem with the security settings of your router.

What could be the reason for not connecting Wi-Fi to my V380 IP Camera?

There are several reasons why your V380 IP camera may not be connected to WiFi. Below I am mentioning a few reasons from my experience.

  • Trying to login by entering the wrong password.
  • If the SSID of the IP camera and router is different.
  • When the camera is set away from router coverage.
  • Wireless cameras get the wrong IP address.
  • If the router does not support the camera channel.
  • If the camera is not connected due to the router’s firewall being on.

There may also be more reasons that I have not experienced. Let us know if you have any new experiences.

What should I do if I don’t have Wi-Fi connected to my V380 IP Camera?

If you do not have Wi-Fi connected to your V380 IP Camera, you can follow the steps below.

  • If the camera antenna is not fixed, fix it.
  • Check that the SSID of the camera is the same as the SSID of the router you want to connect the camera to. If not, select the same SSID for the router that you have selected for the camera.
  • Check that the password provided for the wireless camera matches the password of the router. If there is no match, enter the correct password in the camera.
  • Check if the router and camera signals are in the same range and set correctly. First you need to check which range of signal the camera supports, then see if that range signal is on your router.
  • Check if your camera is set inside the coverage area of ​​the router. If necessary, change the location of the camera or use a router with more coverage.

Hopefully, your problem has been solved. If not, contact us.


Above, we try to discus details about V380 pro for pc. We hope you can now download and use V380 IP cameras using V380 pro app. Although, If you want to know more about contact us.

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