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We use many types of video chat apps. The other one is the Monkey app. Today we will learn how to Monkey app download for android. This is an American video chat app. This app is launched to meet new people instantly and make new friends. Read on to find out more about the app.

What is Monkey App?

Monkey is an app that allows you to make new friends and video chat anywhere in the world very quickly. This app was create by Yee. Currently, more than 30 million people around the world are using this app. The main reason for creating this app by Yee is that people can chat with new friends very quickly without any hassle.

Features of Monkey video App:

The features of Monkey are discusse below:

Personal profile

This allows you to create a personal profile. With this profile, the settings of the song can be do, so that anyone can start playing auto songs on your profile.


Start swiping cards to add new friends. If you’re into them, apply a super like to IMGT.


This allows you to video chat with your favorite celebrities. And you can share with your friend’s famous places in your area.

Video chat

You can easily talk to many friends of the world through video chat. Where can 15 seconds of video chat can be do. Every 15 seconds new friends are added to this video chat.

Post a Moment

Here you can post short videos, each of which has to upload a 15-second video. Here people upload videos that they like and express their creativity.

Text chat

You need to use knock-knocks to message directly to a new person. Then you can easily talk to them.

2P chat

Group video chat with friends is very easy with 2P chat. 2P chat is basically use for group video chat.

Basic Information

  • Price: Free
  • Size: Varies with devices
  • Category: App
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Isaiah Turner
Monkey app download
Monkey App

How to Monkey app download for android?

Monkey - live video chat
Monkey - live video chat
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Follow the guidelines below to download and install the monkey chat app from Android:

  • First you have to go to the play store from Android.
  • Then if you are not logged in to Gmail, you will have to login.
  • After logging in, you have to search the play store with the monkey.
  • Once the monkey arrives, tap on install.
  • Then if there is enough space in the memory, the download will start, when the download is finished, it will be installed.

How to use Monkey Apk on iOS?

Monkey chat cannot be use on iOS. To use it, they need to open any browser and go to a monkey. cool website. Then you have to create an account on that website. If you create an account, you can run it just like the app. Read the article to the end to create an account.

How to download Monkey chat App from PC?

To learn how to use the monkey chat app on your PC, follow the guidelines below:

Monkey chat on PC can be do in two ways-

1. Using the emulator.

2. From the website.

Using the emulator

Monkey chat app cannot be use directly on PC. You need an emulator to use it. Many types of emulators are use, some of which are: Nox Player, Memu, Bluestacks, Game Loop, etc. Follow the instructions below to download the Monkey chat app to your PC:

  • You can download any one emulator. However, I would recommend using Bluestacks. First, go to the official site of Bluestacks and download and install it.
  • Then you have to open the emulator, if you open the emulator, it will work like an Android phone.
  • Go to the Play Store from the emulator and login with Gmail. Then search with monkey will come, you can download and install from there.

From the website

To use Monkey apk you need to open any browser and go to their website monkey. cool. Then you have to create an account on that website. If you create an account, you can run it just like the app. Read the article to the end to create an account.

How to create monkey apk account?

To create an account in Monkey apk, follow the guidelines below:

  • First, you have to open any browser from the PC, before that you have to see if the PC has an internet connection or not, then you have to go to their website
  • After coming to the website, you have to click on sign in.
  • Then Connect with Google / Connect with Facebook will come with these two options, you have to connect any one of them.
  • I recommend connecting to Google.
  • The information of your Google account can be used to login later.
  • Then in the new window that will come, you have to set and save the profile picture, Name, Birthday, Gender.

How to post on Monkey video app?

First login home icon then right pass icon is a video post, tap on it the video post option will come there video can be posted in two ways. One way is to upload and post videos from the previous gallery. Another method is to post the video immediately with the camera of the mobile. Each video here should be 15 seconds long and does not show videos longer than 15 seconds. Large video but shows in 15 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Monkey apk

Below are some of the most used questions about the Monkey chat app:

What is Monkey app?

The monkey chat app is an app that allows you to make new friends from all over the world and video chat very fast. Monkey video app The fastest and easiest way to meet new people around the world.

Is Monkey chat app free?

This app is free for everyone, everyone can use it for free.

Can I download monkey video app on my PC?

Monkey video app cannot be use directly on PC. This app is to use an emulator to run on a PC. The app can be download and installed through the emulator.


The monkey app is a means of video chat. Monkey app download for android allows 15 seconds of video chat. More than 30 million people use this app. Monkey chat app The fastest and easiest way to meet new people around the world.

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