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The Uber App is a popular app which is made by UBER’S company for the drivers and users of UBER. Before knowing How to use Uber app, what is Uber app.


How to use Uber app

The Uber App is a popular app which is made by UBER’S company for the drivers and users of UBER. In short it is made for UBER users so that passengers can easily book a TAXI in a very short time without even going to any office or station. Uber’s services and mobile app officially launched in San Francisco in 2011.

It all started in 2008, with the founders of Uber discussing the future of tech at a conference. By 2010, Uber officially launched in San Francisco. In the beginning, Uber spread their App through word of mouth, hosting and sponsoring tech events, and giving participants of their events free rides with their app. 


There are a number of factors driving Uber’s growing popularity. Their service is more convenient than normal taxi companies. It gives a choice for consumers who have become disenfranchised with conventional corporate service models provided by other transportation agencies. 

How to use Uber app?

At first  the rider opens the app. He/ She goes to their destination into the “Where to?” box. After that the driver rechecks the provided option for vehicle size, price, and estimated dropoff time. After checking that the driver chooses the desired option; then confirms the pickup.

In the second step, when the rider is matched with a driver, A nearby driver sees and chooses to accept the rider’s ride request. The rider automatically gets notified when the driver’s vehicle is about a couple of minutes away.

Coming to the third step, the driver and the rider verify each other’s names and the destination. Then the driver starts the ride. Following on, the app gives the driver the option to access turn-by-turn directions. When the rider reaches the destination, drivers and riders can rate each other from 1 to 5 stars. Riders also have the option to give the driver compliments and a tip directly in the app.

Some Useful Features Of Uber App

1. Let others follow your ride in real-time

Real-time sharing allows you to share the details of your trip with your colleagues, friends or loved ones. This helps them to know your exact location, where you are going, and every detail of your journey.

Swipe up on the application and click ‘Submit Status’, then select the person with whom you would like to share the location of your journey from your contacts.

They receive the  details of your car and driver through an SMS with a link to track your journey in real-time. 

 2. Add multiple drop-off points

If you need to make some stops along your journey, you can add multiple destinations so that you can include additional stops along your trip, because of that your driver can pick up and drop off others easily.

When a ride is requested, or while you are on your journey, you can add up to two additional stops by Simply tapping ‘Add Stop’, then tap ‘Save’.

3. Easy Payment Options

You can divide  the cost of your trip with friends or family up to three people directly in the application when riding.

After requesting a ride, swipe up prior to or during your trip. Then, touch ‘Fare Divide’.  enter your phone number or select the other riders of the contacts on the phone. They receive a text for accepting the division, and every one will be charged a fee of 30 percent match rate. Easy!

Efficient and easy to use payment methods are the most important part of any business. Here users must have all the payment options available in the market listed.

It has all the payment methods and wallets services like PayPal, iOS Wallet, Google Pay, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Debit Card, Credit Card, Online Banking and (in certain countries) Cash On Hand options.

4. Plan ahead with Scheduled Rides

If you are to catch a flight or have an appointment, you can schedule a trip up to 30 days in advance.

You can edit or change  the data at any time before your trip. It  will also send you a reminder on the day. That’s one less thing to worry about!

5. Sync meetings using Calendar Shortcuts

By using this feature you can connect your phone calendar to the Uber app. when a ride is requested this allows any appointment with an address in your calendar to appear instantly as a ‘shortcut’. Just head to ‘Settings’ and ‘Event Calendar’ in the Uber app to sync.

Make sure to include an address in your event. So that the address is there – ready to use.

6. Easy And Intuitive User Interface

After  opening the app, the first thing you will notice is its clean and inbuilt user interface (UI). Users interact with the app and request services by using the user interface. If the UI is clumsy or takes time in loading, the user experience will be bad. Most of the Users won’t open the app the second time if their first-time experience is not good. And if they don’t find what they want in two attempts, then 80% of users won’t give an app the third chance.

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